This document presents the key outcome, Master studies in Industrial Engineering curriculum. The outcome is based on cooperation between 6 Thai and 3 EU universities that after identifying the gap between the currently running programs and the needs of industry and students have prepared a modernized studying program. The curriculum adopts the logic of the backward course design concept, develops its own logic on introducing student-oriented learning and active learning principles, and covers Industry 4.0 technologies, management, and design approaches.

The curriculum is defined with 12 Program Learning Outcomes and 16 courses. The studying program accounts for 2 + 2 semesters (studying and working on the thesis). Studying program includes three core courses, related to Industrial Engineering, one obligatory course, covering transversal skills, and 12 electives. The integral part of the curriculum is the set of 16 course syllabuses that are presented in Outcome 2.2.

A full report is available HERE

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