King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) is a public university and has been established since 1959. KMUTNB has a strong closer link with German Government and German public and private organisations and later with a solid supports from French Government. KMUTNB has three campuses with nearly twenty faculties and more than ten institutes, serving 20,000+ students in undergraduate and postgraduate. KMUTNB has been received a prestigious award from Thai Government and international level e.g. winning Robot Rescue International Champion for 6 in 7 times from Thailand etc.

Industrial Engineering (IE) is a department in Faculty of Engineering. Since its established, the department has been focused on the development of courses to serve industry due to our closed link with German and French counter parts. R&D projects have also been done with them so that our undergraduate (B Eng) and postgraduate (M Eng and PhD) students are familiar with various industrial needs. We are the expert in the area of Decision Sciences, Operations Management, Operational Research, Product Development and Safety Engineering.

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