Khon Kaen University (KKU) was established as the major university in the Northeastern part of Thailand in 1964 and has developed itself to become one of the top universities in Thailand.  Khon Kaen University has recently become one of the nine national research universities in Thailand and an educational center in the Mekong sub-region. The university’s major mission is to prepare future global citizens to work in a continually changing world. KKU’s strategic goal is to be recognized both internationally and regionally as a leading university in research. KKU currently has more than 40,000 students studying in 17 faculties, 1 satellite campus, 1 school, and 3 colleges and in 43 International/English programs which cover a wide variety of disciplines.  Currently, the amount of students in KKU is 40,000 students.

Department of Industrial Engineering (IE-KKU), Faculty of Engineering has been an office providing capacity building to support industrial development in the north-eastern Thailand. The main strengths of IE-KKU are about operations research, supply chain and logistics, production management, and technology development concerning in advanced in robotics and agriculture and smart farm. Additionally, IE-KKU is responsible to develop the academic activity (research and academic services) in our main strengths especially in logistics and supply chain management for agriculture and industry, manufacturing, and production system. We have been conducted research and projects for both government and private sectors collaborating with leading industries e.g. Western Digital, Mitr Phol Group, Betagro, Rajburi sugar industry, Thai Beverage Co., Ltd., and etc. as well as training technical staff relating in optimization models, simulation model, logistics and supply chain management, and production planning in Thailand. Currently, the IE department offer various degree programs: Doctoral degree, Master degree, Bachelor degree for both in industrial engineering and logistics.

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