6th MSIE 4.0 Meeting

Initially, the 6th MSIE 4.0 meeting would be held in Bucharest, Romania during May 18- 22, 2020, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the meeting was organized online during May 18-20, 2020. Besides, PEC and QCMB meetings, there were also the progress report from the WP2 leader, the reports from instructors of pilot-tested courses, the progress report from WP3 leader, a tentative plan for short course training for industry, and Learning Future Factory tour.
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Outcome 2.3 – Pilot Teaching at Partner Universities

MSIE 4.0 Pilot Testing

Last Update: May 22, 2020

Since June 2019, ten courses from our MSIE 4.0 curriculum have been pilot tested by our nine partner universities. There were a total of twelve pilot tests. Sustainable Supply Chain Management was offered two times by CUT. Communication and People Skills Development for Engineering leaders was also offered two times but by two partner universities. Two courses were taught by a team of instructors. Several courses were offered with teaching methods required high student engagement. All courses applied project, problem, or both.

Course No. Course Title Time Partner Instructor(s) No. of Students enrolled Report from the instructor(s)
2 Project Management for Industry 4.0 Sep 19 UMinho Prof. Rui M Lima  12 Project Management for Industry 4 (C2) 
3 Smart Operations Management Jan 20 CMU Dr. Uttapol Smutkupt,

Dr. Wimalin Laosiritaworn,

Dr. Chompoonoot Kasemset,

Dr. Anirut Chaijaruwanich,

Dr. Warisa Wisittipanich 

11  Smart Operations Mangement (C.3)
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Oct 19 CUT
Dr.  Anna Wiśniewska-Sałek 48  Sustainable Supply Chain Management (C.5) 
Feb 20   32
6 Digital Factory June 19 KMUTNB Prof. Athakorn Kengpol  10 Digital Factory (C.6) 
7 Advanced Optimization: Techniques and Industrial Applications Dec 19 KKU Prof. Kanchana Sethanan,

Dr. Komkrit Pitiruek,

Dr.Thitipong Jamrus

 12 Advanced Optimization..Techniques and Industrial Applications (C.7) 
8 Intelligent Decision Support Systems Dec 19 PSU Dr. Suriya Jirasatitsin  5 Intelligent Decision Support Systems Pilot Test V2 
9 Applied Data Analytics Jan 20 AIT Dr. Huynh Trung Luong 31 Applied Data Analytics (C.9)
10 Cyber-Physical Industrial Systems (under the existing course on Experimental Research) Oct 19 UPB Prof. Tom Savu 12  Cyber-Physical Industrial Systems (C10) 
14 Human-Centric Design for Operator 4.0 Jan 20 TU Asst Naris Charoenporn,

Dr. Jirawan Kloypayan

 16 Human-Centric Design for Operation 4.0 (C.14)
16 Communication and People Skills Development for Engineering Leaders Aug 19 AIT Dr. Pisut Koomsap 12 Communication and People Skills Development for Engineering Leaders – AIT
Nov 19 KMUTNB Prof. Athakorn Kengpol 1 Communications and People Skills Development for Engineering Leaders (C.16, KMUTNB) 


Promised in the proposal Actual implementation Remark
Number of courses pilot tested 9 10 Achieved
Number of class offered 9 12 Achieved
Average number of students enrolled per class 10 16 Achieved

The administrative documents for these pilot courses are available HERE.

Outcome 2.1 – A Modernized Curriculum for Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering

This document presents the key outcome, Master studies in Industrial Engineering curriculum. The outcome is based on cooperation between 6 Thai and 3 EU universities that after identifying the gap between the currently running programs and the needs of industry and students have prepared a modernized studying program. The curriculum adopts the logic of the backward course design concept, develops its own logic on introducing student-oriented learning and active learning principles, and covers Industry 4.0 technologies, management, and design approaches.

The curriculum is defined with 12 Program Learning Outcomes and 16 courses. The studying program accounts for 2 + 2 semesters (studying and working on the thesis). Studying program includes three core courses, related to Industrial Engineering, one obligatory course, covering transversal skills, and 12 electives. The integral part of the curriculum is the set of 16 course syllabuses that are presented in Outcome 2.2.

A full report is available HERE