MSIE 4.0 Activities and Outcomes

Activity Outcome

WP1: Gap Analysis

Task  1.1 Develop a gap analysis working plan Outcome 1.1 Develop a gap analysis working plan
Task  1.2  Analyzing of MSIE curricula being offered and of learning and teaching being applied Outcome 1.2 Comprehensive analysis of MSIE curricula being offered in Thailand and in EU partner countries
Outcome 1.3 Assessment of learning and teaching tools and methods I Thailand and in EU partner countries 
Task 1.3  Assessing needs of industry and students Outcome 1.4 Analysis of needs of industry and student
Task 1.4 Identifying gaps Outcome 1.5 Gaps between the needs and graduates’ competences
Task 1.5 Identifying competitive factors for the curriculum Outcome 1.6 Competitive factors for the curriculum
Task 1.6 Developing recommendations for the curriculum Outcome 1.7 Recommendations for specifications and areas of specialization for the curriculum

WP2: Curriculum Structure and Courses

Task 2.1 Developing curriculum structure & academic program learning outcomes Outcome 2.1 A modernized curriculum for Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering
Task 2.2 Developing courses & course learning outcomes Outcome 2.2 Syllabuses for all courses in the curriculum
Task 2.3 Conducting pilot test of the key courses Outcome 2.3 Pilot teaching in modernized MSc at partner universities
Task 2.4 Assessment of pilot test & finalize the curriculum Outcome 2.4 Assessment of pilot test of the key courses and improved courses
Task 2.5 Preparation for accreditation of the curriculum Outcome 2.5 Accreditation of the curriculum
Task 2.6 Accreditation of the curriculum by the national accreditation institution in Thailand

WP3: Modernization of Teaching Methods and Tools for Innovative MSc

Task 3.1 Developing teaching materials Outcome 3.1 Teaching materials for Instructors  and Outcome 3.2 Learning materials for students (English)
Task 3.2 Translating teaching materials Outcome 3.1 Teaching materials for Instructors and Outcome 3.2 Learning materials for students (Thai)
Task 3.3 Developing a web-portal for online learning Outcome 3.3 A platform for online learning
Task 3.4 Training of staffs Outcome 3.4 Trained instructors and staffs on new teaching tools and methods
Task 3.5 Adapting learning materials to the online learning Outcome 3.5 Online learning materials
 Task 3.6 Purchasing and installing of teaching equipment Outcome 3.6 Installed hardware and software
Task 3.7 Developing a laboratory and online remote access of the laboratory works Outcome 3.7 Laboratory equipped with online remote access from partner locations

WP4: Quality Control and Monitoring

Task 4.1 Developing a quality control & monitoring system Outcome 4.1 Quality control and monitoring system
Task 4.2 Implementing the internal quality control & monitoring of the project Outcome 4.2 Internal quality control and monitoring conducted
Task 4.3 Inviting external evaluation of the project results Outcome 4.3 External quality control and monitoring
Task 4.4 Inviting external financial audit Outcome 4.4 External financial audit (Access is limited to members, auditors and agency)

WP5: Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Results

Task 5.1 Development of a Dissemination, Exploitation & Sustainable plan Outcome 5.1 A project dissemination exploitation and sustainability plan
Task 5.2 Creating a project website to support the dissemination strategy, and  communication and collaboration among partners Outcome 5.2 A project website
Task 5.3 Production & dissemination of project materials Outcome 5.3 Dissemination materials
Task 5.4 Publications in journals, etc., Outcome 5.4 Publications
Task 5.5 Developing joint short-term courses Outcome 5.5 Joint short-term courses in the field of IE for professionals
Task 5.6  Organizing dissemination events with relevant stakeholders Outcome 5.6 Dissemination events with relevant stakeholders organized
Task 5.7   Organizing the final dissemination-sustainability conference. Outcome 5.7 A dissemination-sustainability conference

WP6:  Project Management

Task 6.1 Finalizing management structure Outcome 6.1 Project management and communication plan
Task 6.2 Organizing kick-off & regular consortium meetings Outcome 6.2 Kick-off and regular consortium meetings
Task 6.3 Monitoring & controlling the project Outcome 6.3 Documents on daily project administration and coordination (Access is limited to members, auditors and agency)
Task 6.4 Closing the project Outcome 6.4 Project reports
Outcome 6.5 Documentation for midterm reporting and project closing (Access is limited to members, auditors and agency)